Banner Limited, started in 2011 and formalized in 2014, the company is

Headquartered in the UK with establishments in Australia, Canada, South Africa,

Zimbabwe, it is a fully fledged Zimbabwean global technology company.

Our Company enables commerce through major reportable segments: Virtual Marketplaces, Payment systems. Our Company provides a number of online platforms, tools and services to help Zimbabwean individuals and small, medium and merchants to engage the Diaspora Zimbabwean Worldwide Community which is estimated to be 3 million people, engage in online and mobile commerce and payments, the Company can facilitate. A key aspect of the platform is the capability to facilitate real-time transactions via globally recognizable secure merchanting systems. Our Company also generates revenue through marketing services, Classifieds and advertising. marketplaces bring buyers and sellers together through the online Website and mobile applications, which are available globally at any time, including through localized sites. Marketplaces segment includes our core e-commerce platform, our vertical shopping experience, our classifieds website and advertising services. Sellers can choose to list their products and services through fixed price listings on, our Marketplaces platform, and our classifieds Websites or through an Auction-based format on Its fixed price format allows buyers and Sellers to close transactions at a pre-determined price set by the seller, but also allows sellers to signal that they would be willing to close the transaction at a lower Price through the Offer feature.

Our auction-style format allows a seller to select a Minimum price for opening bids and also set a reserve price for their listing. In addition, our Stores format enables Sellers to exhibit all of their listings in a single place on one of our Marketplace virtual shop front platform and to describe their respective businesses through Customized pages. Stores also provides sellers with tools to build, Manage, promote and track their businesses. is helping merchants offer their local inventory online or through Mobile devices and helping consumers find what they are looking for at local stores.

It is statistically recorded that as the cash crisis bites, local consumers are reluctant to spend, choosing only to spend on necessities. This is a contrast to the diaspora populous which has been responsible for remitting an estimated US3bn dollars therefore propping up the local economy. However the local businesses are yet to directly capitalize on this revenue as the absence of a direct tool to facilitate transactions and online shopping activity by the diaspora has hindered this from happening. is that tool as it offers exactly that missing connection between local businesses and the diaspora consumer.

How it works

  • 1.Open an individual or Business account for free at
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  • 3.Start selling with pictures

The process is simplified for ease of use. offers additional services to business sellers as follows

  • 1.Shop administration
  • 2.Partnerships where we sell on your behalf
  • 3.Upload and product inventory services
  • For other services and information including support enquire at